#125 | Chronicle 2: Chronic Back Pain

What would you do if you developed psychic powers as a teenager? In the case of Chronicle, the answer is to play pranks, joyride and have very bad sex. It’s probably the most realistic superhero movie ever made.

#121 | Deep Impact 2: Deeper Underground

An apocalyptic blockbuster that puts character development ahead of CGI action sequences, Deep Impact is an unusually thoughtful disaster movie that – mostly – stands the test of time. But what might have happened after the meteor struck?

#120 | Knowing 2: All Knowing

Nicholas Cage cracks the code for the end of the world in Knowing, a very silly sci-fi thriller with some suspiciously religious undertones. Join us as we attempt to make sense of it all in this week’s podcast…

#119 | Geostorm 2: Dutch Oven

Featuring bad science, awful dialogue and Gerard Butler’s distractingly thick neck – Geostorm is a trashy disaster movie for the ages. All we want now is a sequel…

#118 | Tropic Thunder 2: Welcome Back To The Jungle

Featuring ludicrous violence, lashings of Hollywood shade and Robert Downey Jr. somehow getting away with full blackface, Tropic Thunder is a controversial classic. But is the world ready for a sequel?

#116 | Clueless 2: High School Reunion

Jane Austen’s Emma got a distinctly 90s twist in Amy Heckerling’s iconic teen comedy Clueless. 25 years on, could the time be right for a high school reunion?

#114 | Air Force One: Cruise Control

Harrison Ford does Die Hard on a plane, and Harry finally finds a Glenn Close movie he can fully endorse… It’s the ridiculously entertaining Air Force One!

#113 | Mars Attacks 2: Cat Women From Venus!

Tim Burton’s love letter to campy 50s B-movies, Mars Attacks! assembles a killer ensemble cast for some intergalactic scenery chewing. Oh, and Glenn Close being crushed to death by a chandelier.

#111 | Fatal Attraction 2: Bitches Be Crazy

In honour of her 7th near-miss at the Oscars – and because Harry isn’t really sure who she is – we’re dedicating our next mini-season to the career of Glenn Close. First up, the provocative 80s thriller Fatal Attraction…

#110 | Being Benjamin Button

Brad Pitt lives an entire lifetime in reverse in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button… and by the end of the three-hour runtime, we felt pretty prematurely aged ourselves…

#109 | John Carter Must Die (feat. Fake Nerd Podcast)

With a bloated budget, a forgettable leading man and an incomprehensible plot, John Carter was a box office disaster of epic proportions. But could it be that the public misjudged Andrew Stanton’s comic book adventure back in 2012? Special guest Brandon T McClure from the Fake Nerd Podcast joins us this week to plead a case for the defence…

#108 | The Martian 2: Life On Mars?

A serious sci-fi that also has room for a sense of humour, Ridley Scott’s space epic The Martian is one of the most satisfying movies we’ve watched in a while. Tune in as attempt to science the shit out of some sequel ideas…

#107 | The Dressmaker 2: The Hemsworth Curse

Murder, madness and makeovers – Australian revenge comedy The Dressmaker has it all. Starring Kate Winslet with a broad accent and some even broader hats, this is one of the strangest, most surprising movies we’ve seen in a while…

#106 | The Shape Of Water 2: The Sea-quel

Was The Shape of Water the right Best Picture winner at the 2018 Oscars? One year on, we’re revisiting Guillermo del Toro’s darkly romantic passion project to explore how it’s holding up…

#104 | Truth Or Dare 2: Double Dare

Brainless, derivative but thoroughly entertaining – we had more fun with Blumhouse’s 2018 horror hit Truth or Dare than we should probably admit. But can we come up with a sequel idea that doesn’t spoil the fun?

OSCARS | The 2019 Best Picture Nominees, Ranked

As part of our annual Oscar tradition, John and Harry prepare for Sunday night’s ceremony by ranking the eight movies nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture of 2019.

#103 | Need For Speed 2: Hot Wheels Edition

A high octane street racing movie based on the popular gaming franchise, Need For Speed should have been in pole position for a box office victory lap. Sadly, not even the presence of Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul could keep this petrol-head disaster on track…

#101 | The Sound of Music 2: Back In The Habit

With the Mary Poppins remake doing supercalifragilistic business at the box office, a Sound of Music sequel seems inevitable. But could a post-Julie reboot ever live up to the original?

#99 | True Lies 2: Dana-nother day

James Cameron’s 1994 action comedy True Lies is an absurd delight… if you can get past the problematic undertones. Could a more sensitive sequel be the answer?

#96 | Jack Frost 2: The Meltdown

Michael Keaton dies and reincarnates in the form of a wisecracking snowman in this notorious 1998 festive flop. But does Jack Frost deserve its reputation as one of the worst Christmas movies ever made?

#95 | Elf 2: How Buddy Saved Christmas

Will Ferrell has been refusing the call to make a sequel to his modern festive classic Elf for years – but what might it look like if he changed his mind? This week, Harry and John summon as much festive spirit as they can muster to explore some possibilities…

#93 | Arrival 2: Departure (feat. Dante Pineau)

A modern sci-fi classic that played a key role in our origin story, Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival gets the long overdue Beyond The Box Set treatment this week. Dante Pineau joins us to share a tearjerking sequel idea.

#92 | The Birdcage: Starina Rides Again

Quite simply one of the funniest movies ever made, The Birdcage was a rare LGBT-themed box office smash in the mid 90s. Are we due for a revival?

#91 | Bait 3D: Oscar Bait

A low budget Australian shark thriller that somehow found its way into circulation in the Welsh valleys, Kimble Rendall’s Bait 3D is our unlikely pick of the week…

#90 | The Way Way Back… to the Way Way Back

Our love affair with Sam Rockwell continues as special guest Charlie Dudley introduces us to The Way Way Back – a bittersweet summer drama that managed to warm even our cold, cynical hearts…

#86 | Dog Soldiers 2: Shadow of the Wolf

Our Season of the Witch continues with a very British take on the Werewolf movie genre – Neil Marshall’s hilarious, action-packed 2002 cult classic ‘Dog Soldiers’.

#85 | Wolf Children 2: Teen Wolf

October is The Season of the Wolf on Beyond The Box Set! This week, we kick off our Halloween mini-series with Mamoru Hosoda’s decidedly un-scary, but very lovely, family anime hit Wolf Children.

#84 | Muppet Pulp Fiction

From the origin of Harvey Keitel’s 8am tuxedo to the mysterious contents of Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase, Quentin Tarantino’s iconic Pulp Fiction intentionally leaves a lot of its plot strings hanging. In this week’s episode, we attempt to revisit some of them… with Muppets!

#83 | Mrs Doubtfire 2: Son of Doubtfire

Slapstick comedy or sad portrayal of a broken family? Mrs Doubtfire somehow manages to be both. But could the story ever continue in a world without Robin Williams? We have some ideas in this week’s episode…

#80 | Death Becomes Her 2: Ghost Protocol

Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn elevated Robert Zemeckis’ campy horror Death Becomes Her to ludicrous heights in 1992. Over two decades later, we’re craving another hit…

#79 | Sausage Party 2: Starbaked

Food and sex can make for a great combination… at times. Sitting through Seth Rogen’s one-joke adult animation ‘Sausage Party’ is not one of them.

#77 May 2: The Tribute

Friend of the show Kit Sheppard joins us to discuss May, a low-budget psychological horror that offers a dark yet surprisingly emotional twist on some familiar scary movie tropes.

#75 | Drag Me To Hell II: Justin’s Long Con

Vomiting corpses, foul-mouthed goats and a baffling Octavia Spencer cameo – Drag Me To Hell is classic Sam Raimi comedy-horror in the Evil Dead mould. So how come we never saw a sequel?

#74 | Jerry Maguire 2: Jerry’s Game

These days Tom Cruise is more of an action star than a serious movie actor. Could a sequel to his much-loved 1996 role as conflicted sports agent Jerry Maguire help rebuild his credibility in Hollywood?

#73 | Labyrinth 2: Revenge of the Goblin Queen

From Jim Henson’s unforgettable creature features to David Bowie’s distractingly prominent codpiece, Labyrinth is a fantasy classic for the ages. But could a sequel ever hope to recapture the magic?

#72 | Yentl: Master of Disguise

She sings! She acts! She directs! Barbra Streisand makes her Beyond The Box Set debut as we pitch sequels to her 1983 passion project ‘Yentl’.

#71 | Spice World: Fallen Kingdom

Cynical cash-grab or misunderstood absurdist classic? Twenty years after Baby, Scary, Sporty, Ginger and Posh conquered the globe, Spice World: The Movie continues to divide opinion…

#70 | Three Kings 2: Three Wise Men

David O.Russell’s pitch-black gulf war comedy Three Kings is as disturbingly resonant today as ever. But could the fiery director and his star George Clooney ever bury the hatchet for long enough to produce a sequel?

#69 | Mermaids 2: Search For The Merman

Cher romances Bob Hoskins and Winona Ryder battles her raging hormones in this sweet sixties-set coming of age drama. But has Mermaids stood the test of time?

#67 | School of Rock 2: Mr Schneebly’s Opus

Jack Black gets to showcase all of his plus sized comic talents in Richard Linklater’s hilarious and hugely quotable School of Rock. We can’t be the only ones clamouring for a class reunion…

#66 | The Royal Tenenbaums 2: All About Margot

Wes Anderson united some of Hollywood’s top A-list talent in The Royal Tenenbaums, his 2001 portrait of highly dysfunctional upper middle-class ennui. Two decades on from the film’s release, are we finally due for a family reunion?

#64 | Waterworld 2: The Shape of Waterworld

What exactly was Kevin Costner’s appeal in the 1990s? After watching the bloated and bizarrely joyless 90s disaster epic Waterworld, we’re at a loss. Join us as we attempt to salvage this notorious shipwreck of a movie with some timely sequel ideas…

#63 | Whip It II: Whip It Good!

This week our actors-turned-directors mini-season lands on Whip It, the behind-camera debut of the always delightful Drew Barrymore. Unsurprisingly, the movie turns out to be just as goofy and likeable as the woman who made it…

WIN | The Disaster Artist Prize Package

To celebrate the home release of The Disaster Artist, we’re giving away four fabulous prize packages including the movie on DVD or Blu Ray and a signed copy of the original book by Greg Sestero.

#62 | Matilda 2: No More Miss Nice Girl

Adapted by Danny DeVito from the classic Roald Dahl novel, Matilda might just be one of the greatest children’s movies of the 90s. But did you ever wonder what might have happened to the characters next? We did…

#61 | The Cable Guy 2: Unplugged

What’s the difference between a good Jim Carrey movie and a bad one? In the latest edition of our Actors-turned-Directors mini-season, we attempt to find out as we look back on the rubber-faced Canadian’s notorious 1996 bomb, The Cable Guy.

#60 | Of Mice And Men 2: Of Mice And Ben

In 1992 the actor Gary Sinise directed a faithful adaptation of John Steinbeck’s classic novella Of Mice And Men. You probably saw it in a classroom once. But did you ever wonder what a sequel might look like?

#59 | That Thing You Do! (feat. The Contrarians)

A charmingly retro tale of the rise and fall of fictional teen idols The Wonders, That Thing You Do! is one of the most straightforwardly likeable movies we’ve ever covered. But can we replicate the charm with our sequel ideas? Julio from The Contrarians Podcast joins us to find out…

#58 | Galaxy Quest II: The Final Franchise

George Takei described it as ‘a chillingly realistic documentary’ and sci-fi fans voted it the 7th Greatest Star Trek movie ever made – Galaxy Quest is one of the best sci-fi parodies of the past twenty years. But could a sequel ever work in a post-Alan Rickman universe?

#57 | Looper 2: Super Loopers

Rian Johnson’s 2012 sci-fi thriller Looper proved that a modern sci-fi movie doesn’t have to make sense to be a success. In this week’s episode of Beyond The Box Set, we navigate questionable makeup, gaping plot holes and scary psychic toddlers to come up with some sequel ideas….

#56 | 2001: A Space Odyssey (feat. BBC’s Larry & Paul)

Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey is widely regarded as one of the greatest movies ever made. Its sequel is less fondly remembered – so we decided to deny its existence and come up with some ideas of our own…

#55 | Run Amelie Run

A delightful french comedy with a deceptively dark sting in the tail, Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s 2001 hit Amélie was a global smash and a career defining turn for star Audrey Tautou. Nathan Hunt from Think Outside The Box Set joins us to brainstorm some sequels…

OSCAR BONUS | Reacting To The 90th Academy Awards

After a long night of Oscar-related drinking games, we present our most hung-over episode over as we react to all the thrills and spills of the 2018 Academy Awards. Did the right movies win? And more importantly, will we make it to the end of the episode without passing out? Tune in to find out!

#54 | La La Land 2: Scar Scar Land

Damien Chazelle’s ambitious love letter to Hollywood dreamers, La La Land is a divisive combination of old school showmanship and tone-deaf entitlement. Could a sequel help absolve some of the movie’s many sins? Laura and Ross from Wit Ye Talking About join us to find out…

#53 | Garden State 2: Pet Sematary

Remember when everybody loved Garden State? This week on Beyond The Box Set, we revisit Zach Braff’s directorial debut and attempt to pinpoint why its reputation has taken such a huge hit in recent years – before pitching some sequel ideas that might rehabilitate the film…

#52 | 22 Short Films About Snowpiercer

Bong Joon-ho’s cult hit Snowpiercer offers an inventive twist on the post apocalyptic action genre, some striking visuals and a very memorable performance from Tilda Swinton. But what might a sequel look like?

#51 | *batteries not included 2: Attack of the Drones

What’s your favourite childhood move about dementia? This week we’re pitching sequels to the quirky and unusually melancholy eighties sci-fi *batteries not included, a proto-Pixar cult classic that never quite goes where you expect it to…

#50 | Forrest Gump 2: Jenny’s Side

Is Jenny Curran the most unjustly maligned character in modern cinema? In this special birthday edition of Beyond The Box Set, we attempt to give Forrest Gump’s troubled love interest a redemption as we pitch sequels to Robert Zemeckis’ all-American modern fairytale.

#49 | Black Swan 2: Urban Redemption

Natalie Portman’s high intensity acting style found the perfect vehicle in Darren Aronofsky’s surreal ballet-themed body horror Black Swan. But what might it look like if they reunited for a second act? Olumide Ajulo visits the show to help us find out…

BONUS | Oscar Predictions 2018

Which nine films will be nominated for Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards? We sneak in our last-minute predictions in our first bonus Oscar episode of 2018…

#48 | Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2: Ding Dong & Dynamite

It’s the whip-smart cult comedy that revived Robert Downer Jr.’s career and saved us from a Johnny Knoxville Iron Man franchise. This week Chris Johnston of Easy Riders Raging Podcast joins us to pitch sequel ideas for Shane Black’s modern noir classic Kiss Kiss Bang Bang…

#47 | Being John Malkovich II: The Split

Written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Spike Jonze, Being John Malkovich is a dizzyingly inventive cult classic. After a long festive break, do we have the creative energy to come up with a workable sequel?

#46 | WALL-E 2: A Garbage Movie

Pixar’s WALL-E cemented the studio as purveyors of children’s movies that doubled as bona fide cinematic art. But would a sequel spoil the magic? From a WALL-E origin story to the next generation of lovestruck robots, we explore the possibilities…

#45 | Jingle All The Way 2: Jingle Bell Rock

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1996 entry into the Christmas canon proved he was better off sticking to action movies. Can a 21st century sequel redeem Jingle All The Way? The boys from One Good Thing join us to find out…

#44 | Love Actually 2: Love, Definitely?

Love it or loathe it, Love Actually has become an inescapable part of the Christmas landscape. But which of the movie’s romantic couples would still be together in 2017? Forget Comic Relief, only we have the definitive answers…

#43 | Krampus II: The Satan Clause

Michael Dougherty’s Krampus has all the elements of a twisted holiday classic. So why did it leave us feeling so underwhelmed?

#42 | It’s A Wonderful Life 2: The Bailey Show

How does the relentless optimism of Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life hold up in 2017? In the first episode of our Christmas mini-season, John and Harry imagine modern day sequels to the ultimate holiday classic…

#41 | The Shining 2: Ghost Hotel

As an object lesson in terror and slowly escalating tension, Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ is tough to beat. In this week’s episode, Harry and John try to imagine what a 21st century sequel might look like…

#40 | Shaun of The Walking Dead

What might an official sequel to Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s beloved rom-zom-com Shaun of the Dead actually look like? Horror super fan Ady Wheatley joins us to bounce some ideas around in this horrifyingly funny episode…

#38 | The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Was the world really crying out for an Allan Quatermain movie in 2003? Apparently not. This week, we revisit the disastrous ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ and try to figure out where it all went wrong…

#37 | The Witches 2: Mousetrap

In the final instalment of our Halloween mini-season, we brave long-buried childhood trauma to pitch sequels for Nicolas Roeg’s genuinely terrifying 1990 adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Witches.

#36 | Hocus Pocus 2: Fresh Out the Coven

In the second instalment of our special Halloween mini-season, we revisit Bette Midler’s scenery-chewing turn in the all-time seasonal classic Hocus Pocus, and imagine what that long-rumoured sequel might actually look like…

#125 | Chronicle 2: Chronic Back Pain

What would you do if you developed psychic powers as a teenager? In the case of Chronicle, the answer is to play pranks, joyride and have very bad sex. It’s probably the most realistic superhero movie ever made.

#121 | Deep Impact 2: Deeper Underground

An apocalyptic blockbuster that puts character development ahead of CGI action sequences, Deep Impact is an unusually thoughtful disaster movie that – mostly – stands the test of time. But what might have happened after the meteor struck?