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Awards season is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited here at Beyond The Box Set. So we’ve decided to take one of our periodic detours from our formula and sneak in with our last-minute Oscar predictions for the nominations for Best Picture at this year’s forthcoming Academy Awards.

With minimal pre-show conferring, we present our individual predictions for the nine (or eight, or ten) films we think are most likely to get the nod, alongside some brief discussion of the films we feel are likely to be unfairly overlooked. The official announcements will be made from 05.22 PST / 13.22 GMT via livestream – which you can watch right here using the embedded video above.

We’ll be presenting more in-depth Oscar coverage throughout the coming weeks, including our final rankings of the actual Best Picture nominees as soon as they’ve been announced and we’ve had a chance to see them all, plus our winner predictions and reactions after the big show on Sunday March 4th.

Fear not, for none of this awards punditry will interfere with our scheduled programming of ludicrous sequel pitches for classic standalone movies. We’ll still be bringing you our regular episodes every Friday morning – just think of all this as bonus content. Y’know, the way Meryl Streep probably thinks about her Golden Globe nominations these days…

Agree or disagree with our predictions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below – or get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter to share your reactions.