#79 | Sausage Party 2: Starbaked

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Wouldn’t it be weird if our food was alive? Not in the way your born again Vegan friend likes to constantly remind everybody on Facebook, but in the sense that a processed hot dog was literally capable of walking, speaking, experiencing love and feeling pain? With Sausage Party, Seth Rogen and his band of frequent collaborators (Evan Goldberg, James Franco, Jonah Hill etc.) take this vaguely horrifying premise and attempt to mine it for dark comedy. And it kind of works… at first.

The best moments of Sausage Party are the ones in which the sentient supermarket products meet their terrible fates at the hands of the human’s they’ve mistaken for benevolent Gods. From a singing potato being skinned and boiled alive to a baby carrot massacre, these scenes are creatively, hilariously horrible. You probably saw them in the trailer.

Therein lies the main flaw of Sausage Party. It has the makings of an entertaining sketch – at a push, a decent 20 minute episode of South Park or Rick & Morty. But one joke isn’t enough to sustain a 90 minute film, and the novelty of watching foul-mouthed, sex-obsessed foodstuffs grappling with their imminent demise wears off long before the credits roll.

Critics unaccountably went in for the film, particularly the half-baked religious sub-plot that employs a Bagel and a Lavash Bread as stand-ins for Israel and Palestine. If the notion of a pair of crudely stereotyped bread products finding common ground via a shared passion for marathon anal sex sessions strikes you as particularly hilarious or thought provoking, you’re probably this movie’s target audience.

Suffice to say, we didn’t love this film. Which put us in the challenging position of pitching sequel ideas for a movie we grew tired of within the first ten minutes. Find out how we did by tuning into this week’s episode on your preferred podcatcher, or by using the links at the top of this blog post. Please, don’t let us have watched this thing for nothing…

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Next week, a dark comedy that actually brings the laughs – in addition to some truly eye-popping special effects. Until then, happy listening!