#21 | District 9 2: Prawns and Recreation

District 9 2: Prawns & Recreation

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Fans have been clamouring for a sequel to Neill Blomkamp’s feature debut District 9 virtually since the film first appeared. An unusual combination of The Office-style mockumentary and alien body horror, all built around a thinly veiled allegory for Apartheid in Blomkamp’s native South Africa, on paper the movie doesn’t sound like an obvious easy sell at the box office.

As it turned out, an intelligent (Oscar nominated) Screenplay, some dazzling effects work and a star-making lead performance from Sharlto Copley combined to produce one of the best and most original popcorn movies of recent years. Blomkamp has gone on to produce two more highly regarded movies in Elysium and Chappie, but he continues to keep the flame of hope alive that a District 9 follow up may appear at some point.

This week on Beyond The Box Set, John and Harry beat him to the bunch with both a prequel and a sequel for the original movie. So whether you’re wondering what happened to Wikus after his unfortunate – and extremely painful looking – transformation, or eager to learn how Christopher Johnson and the rest of the Prawns ended up adrift in a Johannesburg shanty town in the first place, our latest episode should provide some answers. Neil, if you’re looking for that elusive screenplay, you can call us any time…

John’s Pitch | District 9 2: Prawns and Recreation

Harry’s Pitch | District 9: Prawn Origins

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