#101 | The Sound of Music 2: Back In The Habit

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With Mary Poppins Returns doing supercalifragilistic business at the global box office, it seems inevitable that cash-hungry studio heads will commission a reboot for the other iconic Julie Andrews musical before too long. The Sound of Music was, after all, the highest grossing movie of all time for a period in the 60s, and its iconic soundtrack remains as recognisable as ever. For example, at time of writing, pop star Ariana Grande is sitting at #1 with a song that heavily samples My Favourite Things. 

So for episode 101 of Beyond The Box Set, we thought we’d get ahead of the curve with our own Sound of Music sequel ideas. Along the way, Harry shares his family’s very personal connection to the movie, John admits to having never actually seen it, and we both agree that The Baroness got a really raw deal.

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Next week, we’ll be launching a brand new mini-season with a special guest crossover. Until then, happy listening and remember to never let a member of the Hitler Youth lecture you about your emotional maturity…