#136 | What We Do In The Shadows 2: What We Do In The Moonlight


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First it was witches, then werewolves… now, by popular-ish demand, our Halloween theme for 2019 is Vampire movies! We’re kicking off with What We Do In The Shadows, the inspired mockumentary from Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement that’s as much about the perils of co-habitation as it is creatures of the night.

While most of our listeners probably don’t spend their time sleeping in coffins and consuming the blood of virgins, anyone who’s ever lived in shared accommodation will likely recognise the dynamics between What We Do In The Shadows’ main characters. There’s Viago, the passive-aggressive neat freak who just wants everybody to get along. Vladislav, the perpetually horny tyrant with a somewhat inflated sense of his own appeal. Deacon, the charming but lazy slacker who goes eight years without washing the dishes, and Petyr, the mysterious loner who seldom leaves his room.

Constructed from over 150 hours of mostly improvised footage, What We Do In The Shadows gets its best laughs mixing these character archetypes with well-worn Vampire cliches. The inevitable seductive bloodsucking ceremony turns into a gory mess when a socially awkward Viago accidentally bites into his target’s main artery, while Vlad’s hilarious rationale for why Vampires prefer to drink from Virgins is too good to spoil in this write-up.

In this week’s episode, we chew the fat on undead sexual politics, curiously mild-mannered Werewolves, the legend of Stu and much more. We also pitch up some What We Do In The Shadows drinking games (blood optional) and compare notes on our sequel ideas, which this week include a feminist spin-off and an alternative journey into Waititi and Clement’s subsequent adventures in Hollywood…

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Next week, we’ll be continuing our Halloween season with the most famous bloodsucker of them all… and an attempted English accent to die for. Until then, happy listening and beware the beast!