#212 Thelma & Louise 2: Flying Thunderbird

It’s been thirty years since Thelma and Louise rolled onto the big screen, but unlike many movies from that era, it still feels just as relevant today. Sure, the amount of mullets and indoor smoking dates it somewhat, but the central story of two women taking back their agency on an ill-fated road trip still resonates.

Best known until this point for his slate of science fiction classics, Ridley Scott directs Thelma & Louise like an action movie, but makes sure to leave space for the human moments that also elevated the likes of Alien and Blade Runner far above the standard popcorn fare. The movie’s infamous ending would feel a lot more bleak and nihilistic had stars Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon not been given room to do such incredible work in creating real, lovable characters.

Both actresses were Oscar nominated for their performances, arguably splitting the vote and allowing Jodie Foster to take the win for her equally iconic turn in Silence of the Lambs. But it would have been madness to relegate either to the supporting category – the film is a true double-hander.

As the pragmatic waitress Louise, Susan Sarandon portrays a flinty resolve that hints at deep wells of barely suppressed trauma, while Geena Davis expertly navigates Thelma’s arc from downtrodden housewife to discovering a power and fighting spirit that she never knew she had. “I feel as if I’m alive for the very first time in my life” she says, shortly before the film’s bittersweet ending.

On this week’s podcast, we react to some of the most memorable moments in the film – including Brad Pitt’s career-making cameo, Geena Davis roping in her actual ex-boyfriend to play the husband from hell, and a State police force that seems disproportionately obsessed with a single murder…

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Next week, we’ll be diving back into the Tarantino collection with a stylish cult classic that brings the worlds of Reservoir Dogs and Top Gun under one unlikely sunroof. Until then, happy listening and remember – no good ever comes from driving through Texas.

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