#100 | E.T. The Extra Terrestrial – LIVE! (feat. Kenrick & Miller)

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial | Beyond The Box Set Live Podcast | Steven Spielberg


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We did it! After two years, hours of movie watching and more beer consumption than we care to calculate, we’ve finally reached 100 episodes of Beyond The Box Set! We knew we had to mark it with something special, so we decided to check off one of the ultimate podcast rites of passage and hold our first ever live show!

Obviously, such an important event demands a special film – and modern cinema doesn’t get much more iconic than Steven Spielberg’s record breaking sci-fi smash E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. From flying bicycles to glowing fingers to mysteriously proportioned closets, this is a movie that is emblazoned into the minds of virtually anyone who was a child during the 1980s or 1990s.

We recorded this episode live at our favourite local pub/second home The Chemic Tavern in Leeds, in front of an audience of friends, well-wishers, random drunks and a few familiar voices from previous episodes. To help make sure we delivered a quality show, we also roped in the fabulous comic talents of local improv duo Kenrick and Miller, who join us to share their own memories of E.T., a 100% original sequel pitch, and some voice acting that could charitably be described as variable.

Needless to say, this episode is a really special one for us, and it was truly a labour of love. We really hope you enjoy hearing it as much as we enjoyed making it – and if you do, stick around! We’ve got plenty of episodes under our belt and much more in the pipeline. Hit subscribe for a new episode every Friday morning, and help us to find even more new listeners with a review, a rating or just some good old fashioned word of mouth. We truly appreciate every little bit of it.

We’re especially grateful this week to our Patreon supporters, some of whom were in the audience for this show. If you’d like to join them, we’ll thank you with access to our exclusive weekly movie review show Beyond BTBS, a 30 second ad slot to air regularly on the main show, and the opportunity to help shape our podcast going forwards with episode recommendations, guest appearances and much more.

Next week, we’ll be taking on another all-time classic, as suggested by our listeners and decided by the audience of this week’s show. So tune in to find out, and thanks again for helping us to turn our silly little hobby into something so special. Be good.