#174 | The Girl With All The Gifts: Revenge of the WHO

Despite being spun off from a bestselling novel, The Girl With All The Gifts never really seemed to find its audience at the box office. In the UK it made back a fairly paltry £1.5 million, while in America it never received a wide release at all.

At the time, we slept on it too – but thankfully friend of the podcast Julio from The Contrarians saw the potential – or possibly just wanted to inflict another Glenn Close movie on Harry – so we finally gave it a long overdue airing. We weren’t disappointed.

The Girl With All The Gifts stars an impressive transatlantic cast including Glenn Close, Paddy Considine and Gemma Arterton, alongside relative newcomer Sennia Nanua as Melanie, a young girl infected by a Zombie-like virus.

The film mostly sidesteps predictable horror movie jump scares in favour of genuinely thoughtful questions about humanity and the lengths we go to in order to survive as a species. Like 28 Days Later, it both embraces and subverts certain Zombie tropes to powerful effect, and dares to lean into many of the bleaker elements of the original book, both in terms of the plot and some particularly haunting imagery.

Tune into this week’s podcast for our full plot breakdown of the film, plus all our regular features including drinking games, listener submissions, sequel pitches and more. Along the way we discuss rehabilitating Glenn Close, the z-word taboo, how pets would survive a Zombie apocalypse and much more.

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Next week, we continue our run of Patreon picks with an obscure – but thoroughly entertaining – Japanese fantasy. Until then, happy listening and remember – the zombie apocalypse will not be televised…