#119 | Geostorm 2: Dutch Oven

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What would you get if you put Gravity, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and Interstellar into a blender? Chances are, it’d be something resembling Geostorm, a misbegotten Gerard Butler vehicle that crashed into the box office like a badly CGI’d meteor in 2017. This scientifically confused action thriller was already established as an all-time bad movie classic before it had even left theatres – making it an obvious choice to launch our latest mini season on disaster movies.

Butler stars as Jake Lawson, a sort of Rugby-bodied Elon Musk type who, seemingly single-handedly, built and developed a complex space satellite system known as ‘Dutch Boy’ to save the planet from ecological disaster. However, when his satellites begin to go haywire, he’s forced to take an Uber to space to uncover a government conspiracy aimed at unleashing the ultimate environmental apocalypse – a Geostorm!

The science is iffy, the dialogue is utterly ridiculous and the movie features some of the clumsiest product placement ever committed to film. In other words, we loved it! Tune into this week’s podcast to hear our attempts to make sense of the nonsensical plot, some very productive Dutch Boy related drinking games and our thoughts on the sequel we’d dearly love to see.

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Next week, our disaster movie mini-season continues with an iconic actor that we were surprised to discover we’ve never covered on Beyond The Box Set before. Until then, happy listening and remember – a Dutch Boy is not like a Chromebook…