#114 | Air Force One: Cruise Control

Air Force One | Harrison Ford | Gary Oldman | Sequel


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If you’ve ever thought to yourself ‘Sure, Die Hard was great – but what it really needed was to take place mid-air and feature the President of the United States ziplining between two planes’, then Air Force One is likely to be your kind of movie. Profoundly ridiculous and often painfully of its time, Wolfgang Petersen’s 1997 hit is nevertheless riotously entertaining from start to finish – largely thanks to the presence of the always watchable Harrison Ford.

Like all the best movie stars, Ford has an ability to sell patent nonsense like this with just the right level of seriousness. He’s backed up by Gary Oldman, creating yet another of his trademark heavily accented villains as the Kazakh terrorist who hijacks the presidential plane. His character spends much of the movie verbally sparring with Glenn Close, who injects a note of Oscar-endorsed prestige – and justifies our discussion of the movie this week – as the put-upon Vice President struggling to hold things together from the ground.

In this week’s podcast, we discuss highly questionable political techniques, play a productive game of spot-the-action-movie-cliche, and come up with a mobile app idea that we’re definitely going to be crowdfunding in the near future. We also pitch some updated sequel ideas for this film that include a House of Cards crossover and some very creative use of a rhyming dictionary…

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Next week, we move on from our Glenn Close mini-season with a look at a classic performance from one of her biggest Hollywood rivals. Until then, happy listening and GET OFF OUR PLANE!