#125 | Chronicle 2: Chronic Back Pain


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What would you do if you developed telekinetic powers at the tender age of sixteen? In most comic book movies, the answer involves a heroes journey, saving the world and getting the girl. For the teens in Chronicle, it’s more like playing pranks, stealing cars and having very bad sex. It may be the most realistic superhero movie ever made.

Co-written and directed by Josh Trank – who went on to helm the ill-fated 2015 Fantastic Four movie – Chronicle cleverly blends its super-powered teen conceit with more traditional adolescent drama. Andrew (Dane Dehaan) is dealing with a dying mother and an abusive father, but rather than underlining his heroism, the film explores how these struggles feed into his rage and sense of desperation, lending a tragic weight to his third-act turn into full-blown villainy.

The film builds authentic relationships between Andrew and his fellow accidental X Men (played by Michael B Jordan and Alex Russell) that make up for the intentionally limited special effects. This is a comic book movie with a heart and a brain, a refreshingly rare combination that we’d definitely like to see more of.

In this week’s show, we’re joined by Lee Agne of the Connected Hearts podcast, who joins us to discuss found footage fatigue, alien spunk, why American high school parties always seem to take place in palatial mansions and more. As always, we also pitch some Chronicle drinking games, and explore where the story might go if a sequel ever went into development.

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