#181 | Focus 2: Fortune Hunters

We’ve bounced around quite a few genres over the course of our Will Smith summer. Romantic comedy, post-apocalyptic thriller, superhero… whatever the hell Wild Wild West was supposed to be. With 2015’s Focus, we land on another leading male staple – the stylish crime movie.

It’s a decent fit for Smith – whose exudes exactly the right amount of suave confidence to help you root for the unrepentant career criminal he plays here. However, we sort of wish he’d held out for a role in an actual Steven Soderbergh movie.

Focus isn’t a terrible film by any means. Honestly, it’s one of the more enjoyable viewing experiences we’ve had in this season. But the script thinks it’s a lot more intelligent than it actually is, and it rides by on the kind of slapdash plot twists that fall apart completely if you give them so much as a moment’s thought.

Smith is game as ever though, and he’s well matched with Margot Robbie, who delivers some impressive physical comedy while wearing a parade of magnificent outfits. The film was a fairly modest hit on release, and it’s never going to go down as one of the defining movies of either actor’s career, but as diversions go it’s a fairly smooth, if frequently ludicrous, ride.

In this week’s podcast, we break down the logistical nightmare that goes into pulling an elaborate long con, the trope of the inexplicably endearing sex pest, BD Wong’s unacceptable moustache and more. As usual, we also check in with our listeners, play a few drinking games and pitch some sequel ideas.

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Next week, we finally move on from Big Willie to discuss a modern thriller from the director of the universally beloved remake of Ghostbusters. Until then, happy listening and remember – if you don’t think about it, it all makes perfect sense…