#237 | The Full Monty

Robert Carlyle often claims he had no expectation that The Full Monty would ever be a hit. Shot on a shoestring budget and featuring no bankable stars, it could just as easily have been a straight to video obscurity – and it very nearly was.

But somehow, improbably, the film caught on. First in the UK, and then around the world. Much like the characters, the film became a classic British underdog success story, ultimately grossing over $200 million and scoring four Oscar nominations including Best Picture and Best Director.

Growing up in Northern England at the time, the film was in its own way as genuinely inescapable as the year’s other notable blockbuster Titanic, both in its initial run and as a TV staple for years after. So much so, that while I know it pretty much scene-for-scene, it’s an easy film to take for granted.

So on this week’s episode, we give The Full Monty a proper appraisal. Does the film hold up beyond its quirky, easily sellable premise? Spoiler alert – turns out the answer is yes. The script is witty but also surprisingly dark, touching on issues of class and masculinity that ring just as true today as they did 25 years ago.

Tune in to hear our thoughts on gnome wars, dole queue discos, Mark Addy’s tragi-hilarious weight loss efforts and much more. We also suggest some drinking games, check in with our listeners and pitch sequel ideas to reunite the cast for one final dance… but will they go all the way this time?

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Next week, we’re belatedly kicking off our annual Halloween season with a modern horror classic that got very lucky with its casting. Until then, happy listening and remember – you can leave your hat on.