#172 | Edge of Tomorrow 2: Live, Stomp, Repeat

Edge of Tomorrow is a stupid title. It’s bland, meaningless and tells you virtually nothing about the film. Sure, it kind of makes sense if you really think about it – but who wants to do that for a Tom Cruise movie?

Needless to say, studio intervention is what killed off the working title Live, Die, Repeat – which is vastly superior in terms of encapsulating what this movie is all about. The movie is essentially a live action video game, with Tom Cruise as a reluctant soldier essentially doomed to play out the same battle over and over again until he can figure out a way to survive.

Cruise got a lot of credit for playing against type in this movie, although the conceit that he’s an inept coward only really lasts for the first twenty minutes or so, after which we enter standard issue Tom Cruise action hero territory. In many ways, the role would probably have been much suited to a Simon Pegg type, or even Cruise’s co-star Emily Blunt, a gifted comedienne who could clearly walk away with this movie if given the opportunity.

Still, it’s one of the better Cruise vehicles of recent years, with a fun premise and enough interesting choices – and outlandish supporting characters – to hold interest. A sequel is apparently in the works, though whether it will ever materialise remains very much up in the air.

Tune into this week’s podcast to hear our full reaction to the movie, plus drinking games, listener reviews and our own ideas for where a sequel might go – spoiler alert, more Blunt and more video game tropes feature heavily…

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Next week, we’re moving on from our time loop season into another open selection period – and boy did Harry pick an interesting one for us to kick things off with! Until then, happy listening and remember to hit save before you remove the cartridge…