#85 | Wolf Children 2: Teen Wolf

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Halloween is coming, and that means it’s time for another terrifying mini-season here on Beyond The Box Set. Well… in theory, anyway. Following last year’s ‘Season of the Witch’, we’ve decided to dub October 2018 ‘The Season of the Wolf’ – meaning we’ll be dedicating four consecutive episodes to movies about werewolves. We’ll be beginning with our very first foray into the world of Japanese anime, Mamoru Hosoda’s Wolf Children.

It’s fair to say that Wolf Children is not exactly a traditional werewolf movie. There are no full moons, no silver bullets and certainly no humans being unceremoniously devoured – although we’ll certainly be getting to that in future episodes of the season. In fact, the scariest element of the film is the daunting spectre of parenthood.

So, why did we choose it? First of all, because we like to try new things here at Beyond the Box Set. It’s a mark of mild shame that it’s taken us a whole 85 episodes to get to a genre as significant of anime, so this is an opportunity to correct that minor injustice. Also, it’s a Patreon request week – and one of our most supportive followers, Daniel Tickner, has a lot to say about this movie. So naturally we were very happy to invite him on to share his thoughts.

And finally – well, we’ve made a bit of a rod for our backs with this Halloween theme. Have you ever looked at how many classic Werewolf movies don’t have sequels? The Howling – gone! Teen Wolf – off the table! Ginger Snaps – apparently it’s a whole franchise now! So while we do have some more traditional wolf-based movies coming down the pipeline, this was an opportunity to branch out, and frankly we’re glad we did because Wolf Children is a beautiful, brilliant movie that deserves a wider audience outside Japan.

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Next week, we move to Scotland by way of Luxembourg for a lupine action-horror-comedy that we’re already sure we’re going to have a lot of fun talking about. Until then, happy listening!