#106 | The Shape Of Water 2: The Sea-quel

The Shape of Water | Guillermo del Toro | Sequel | Podcast

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Unlike this year’s sharply divisive Green Book, last year’s Best Picture winner The Shape of Water survived its Oscar victory with relatively little controversy. A quirky passion project from beloved Pan’s Labyrinth auteur Guillermo Del Toro, the film cast a spell over audiences and critics alike.

However, does the film hold up particularly well now that its moment in the Oscar spotlight has faded? Having both enjoyed the film a lot when we first saw it last year, we decided to pay a timely revisit to The Shape of Water this week, and explore whether we feel it has the makings of a bona fide classic.

No screen classic is truly complete, of course, without an unnecessary sequel in the mix. There’s been no indication so far that Del Toro is particularly interested in revisiting the story, so as usual it looks like we’re going to have to step into the breach.

To find out what we came up with – in addition to our post-rewatch feelings on the original film and some suggested drinking games for your next viewing experience – check out this week’s podcast by following the links at the top of this blog post, or by searching for Beyond The Box Set on your preferred Podcasting app.

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Next week, we return to random recommendations with an Australian comedy that blew John’s mind when he belatedly discovered it recently. Until then, happy listening – and remember to never over-feed your fish. Or attempt have sex with them…