#70 | Three Kings 2: Three Wise Men

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It’s time for another Podcast crossover on Beyond The Box Set, as we’re joined by Helen and Kobi from Flixwatcher to discuss a movie featuring not one, but two notable musicians-turned-movie stars. David O.Russell’s pitch-black gulf war comedy Three Kings stars Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube alongside George Clooney and Spike Jonze as a quartet of US soldiers who run into major trouble while trying to steal gold from Saddam Hussein’s forces in Iraq.

The movie makes some bold demands of its audience – switching from broad comedy to uncomfortable scenes of violence and terror – often being perpetrated by our so-called heroes. Despite studio wariness and a troubled production – O.Russell famously clashed with George Clooney over the director’s on-set behaviour – the film was rapturously received by critics and made over $100 million at the box office on its release in 1999.

Given the high-wire act the film performs in finding comedy in the horrors of war – and our own painful ignorance of the sensitive geopolitics of the Middle East – can we possibly hope to pitch a workable sequel to Three Kings? You’ll have to listen and judge for yourselves, but we think we just about got away with it.

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Next week, we’ll be continuing our look at musicians-turned-thespians with a memorable screen outing from one of the greatest girl groups of all time. But can they act? Stay tuned to find out…