BONUS | Ranking the 2021 Oscar Nominees

It’s been a funny old year for cinema. Thanks to the global pandemic, we managed to see precisely zero of this year’s Best Picture nominees in an actual cinema. The absence of traditional blockbusters is noticeable, particularly in light of sole major box office release Tenet proving to be a convoluted dud that more or less tanked with the Academy.

So instead it’s a year characterised by smaller, more human stories, with streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime flexing more influence than ever before. Perhaps inevitably, it’s also a bit of a downer year. Only two of the best Picture nominees feature much in the way of comedy beats, and even they are tempered by the lingering spectre of tragedy.

All in all, it isn’t likely to be a ceremony for the ages, but it’s still the Oscars, dammit! In this week’s episode, we rank all eight Best Picture nominees from worst to best, discuss our thoughts on the past twelve months in cinema and deliver our predictions in ever category – even the ones for which we haven’t technically seen any of the films.

We’ll be back on Monday with a post-Oscars reaction show, and the back on our regular episode schedule after a delayed release for our Parasite episode on Wednesday.

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