#250 | Sister Act / Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit

Just over five years ago, Harry and I were in Amsterdam together when we hit upon an idea for a podcast. It was probably the best idea we had on that trip – certainly better than our notion of following two spliffs with an entire space cake each, chased down with a couple of pints of beer. Yep. Definitely better than that.

The idea was so simple we were surprised that it didn’t appear to have been done before. For each episode we would watch a classic movie, and then pitch a sequel concept live on the show. The only rules were that the film had to be a film, and it couldn’t already have one or more sequels.

Five years later, we’ve bent the latter rule a couple of times, but certain films remained sadly off-limits. So when we finally decided to wrap things up for now, we knew exactly how we wanted to finish.

Why Sister Act? We had several reasons…

  • It’s a beloved classic that we’ve never had an excuse to talk about before now
  • The sequel is arguably better than the original
  • Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit is the greatest sequel title of all time. We will brook no discussion on this point.

So tune in to this, our farewell episode, to hear our reaction to a pair of movies very close to our hearts. We’ll be discussing the absolutely banging soundtrack(s), our favourite supporting Nuns, the growing cult of Sister Act 2 and much more. We’ll also brainstorm a bumper round of drinking games, check in with our listeners for one last time and of course pitch our sequels for the long-awaited Sister Act 3!

And that’s it! After five years, 250 movies, hours of laughter and many, many bottles of beer, we’re finally reaching the end of the road. Harry will be enjoying married life and raising his new son Robin, and I will be… taking a well deserved rest!

We’d like to take one last opportunity to give our heartfelt thanks to anybody who tuned in to listen to us over the past five years, it has truly been a privilige. We hope we entertained you. Please stay tuned past the closing music to hear some farewell messages from some of our past guests and other close friends from the podcasting community.

Until we meet again…