#3 | Super Mario Bros 2: The Quest for Peach

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Super Mario Bros is a gaming franchise with a plot that pretty much begins and ends with a rotund plumber bouncing on the heads of various fungus-based lifeforms on a quest to rescue a princess from a giant dinosaur. Strangely enough, this did not lend itself easily to a feature length movie.

Despite a huge in-built audience and a bizarrely respectable cast (Bob Hoskins! Dennis Hopper! Fiona Shaw!), the 1993 film adaptation was a box office bomb on release, and has since gained notoriety as one of the most iconic flops of all time.

Needless to say, there were no sequels, and Super Mario Bros. joined the long and ignoble list of classic gaming franchises that stiffed on the big screen. But the popularity of the Mario character endures, and in a world in which movies like Lego Batman can not only exist but receive widespread acclaim, it’s probably not beyond the realms of possibility that a studio will give him another shot at multiplex glory.

If they ever do, they could do worse than take a listen to this week’s podcast, wherein we pitched two totally sellable concepts for a new Super Mario Bros. movie. Honestly, neither of these ideas seem all that crazy compared to the indecipherable plot of the original movie – and we’d at least make sure that our versions featured Mario and Luigi wearing the right fucking colours…

Harry’s Pitch | Super Mario Bros: The Quest for Peach

John’s Pitch | Super Mario Bros 2: Boss Battle Squad

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