#167 | The Perfection: Encore

In an eco-system dominated by comic book blockbusters, the survival of smaller, weirder movies has become a subject of intense debate. Like many mid-budget pictures of its kind, Richard Shepard’s The Perfection bypassed cinemas altogether when it was released last year, and went straight to Netflix.

This is a shame in many ways, as while the film is certainly no classic, it’s the kind of pulpy oddball that random date nights were made for. On the other hand, it almost certainly wouldn’t have made much money, and far more people are likely to have tuned in via streaming thanks to the word of mouth that circulated around the film once the first wave of viewers cottoned on to the bizarre plot twists and eye-catching levels of gore.

Fresh from her memorable turn in Get Out, Alison Williams once again dons the smoky-eye of deceit as Charlotte Willmore, a troubled former cello prodigy who tracks down her former mentor and strikes up a relationship with her de-facto replacement Lizzie, played by Dear White People‘s Logan Browning.

What happens after that is… worth watching for yourself, as this is a movie that delights in consistently wrong-footing its audience. We break it all down in this week’s podcast, in addition to our regular features including drinking games, listener reviews and fantasy sequel pitches.

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Next week, we’re heading back to the cinema (in theory) with a 2002 meta-comedy from one of our most reliable directors. Until then, happy listening and remember… never board long-distance public transport with a dicky tummy.