#109 | John Carter Must Die (feat. Fake Nerd Podcast)

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We generally love a good adventure romp here at Beyond The Box Set, but John Carter confounded us. Based on a much-loved and highly influential fantasy series from Edgar Rice Burroughs and directed by Pixar legend Andrew Stanton, there should have been a lot of potential here, but the confused plot and stilted dialogue rendered the film bloated and borderline incomprehensible.

Viewers were not impressed, and the film became one of the biggest box office bombs of all time when it was released in 2015. However, over subsequent years a small but vocal following of supporters has emerged. One of those is Brandon T McClure of the Fake Nerd Podcast, who joins us on this week’s episode to put forward his case for the defence.

Tune in now to hear our discussion on the brief summer of Taylor Kitsch, how unfair(?) comparisons to Star Wars helped sink this movie and the tragic waste of Bryan Cranston in yet another mediocre character role. We also brainstorm some much-needed drinking games, attempt to untangle the plot and pitch our own sequel ideas in the unlikely event that somebody green-lights a follow-up. Hey, stranger things have happened!

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Next week, we’re turning back the clock – quite literally – for an Oscar decorated fantasy movie that took one of Hollywood’s ultimate sex symbols on the journey of a lifetime. Until then, happy listening and remember – never throw away your McGuffin in the last 5 minutes of a franchise movie.