#120 | Knowing 2: All Knowing


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Dear listeners, a thought experiment: If Nicholas Cage approached you in a public space and urgently informed you that he’d cracked the code for predicting the end of the world… how fast would you run in the opposite direction? This is the basic concept behind Knowing, an apocalyptic thriller with some suspiciously religious undertones.

Released in 2009 to largely negative reviews, Knowing earned a miraculous $185 million at the global box office on a $50 million budget. Cage stars as a recently widowed scientist who now spends his time day drinking and inexplicably barbecuing at night, until the discovery of a mysterious document leads him on a race against time to prevent the apocalypse. It’s all very silly and convoluted, but Cage is as game as ever, veering from urgent whispering to crazed screaming as only he can…

On this week’s podcast, we discuss mid-00s petty crime, the questionable taste of appropriating 9/11 for schlocky conspiracy theory movies, the undistinguished big screen debut of Liam Hemsworth and more. We also pull together our usual mix of drinking games and of course close with our own sequel pitches for this strangely forgotten sci fi.

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Next week, our summer of disaster movies continues with a genuine 90s classic that introduced one of cinema’s greatest screen Presidents. Until then, happy listening and remember – the caves won’t save us!!!!