#150 | Les Miserables 2: The Wretched

If asked to name the worst cinema experience of my lifetime to date, I could list a few nominees. There was the sheer anti-comedy of Dude… Where’s My Car? during which I abandoned my friends and walked out of halfway through, figuring that the Cinema lobby probably held more entertainment than the remainder of the film. There was Freddy vs Jason, which I watched alone to kill a few hours while waiting for a train, only to be mercilessly heckled for my apparent friendlessness throughout by a group of teen viewers… and then there was Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables, a film that very nearly drove me to the brink of insanity.

Full disclosure: the stage version of Les Miserables was not a major part of my childhood, so the nostalgia factor was minimal. Nor am I a particularly big fan of the kind of sung-through musicals where characters trill endless exposition in between the actual catchy songs (see also: Evita). So I was always facing an uphill climb here.

Even so, the sheer bum-numbing tedium of this adaptation was beyond my worst fears. There are some half-decent songs in the first hour – Anne Hathaway’s I Dreamed a Dream is no less compelling for how obviously she very badly wanted an Oscar for it, and Master of the House comes as a blessed dose of comic relief shortly afterwards – but, having dispensed with all those, the final 90 minutes is a relentless slog of depression, made all the worse for the presence of Russell Crowe who changes his facial expression about as often as he hits a pleasant note.

Speaking of Crowe, around the 2 hours 15 mark, he delivers a tone-deaf preamble to his own suicide that dragged on so long that I involuntarily broke all of my cinema etiquette standards and loudly hissed “Oh JUST DIE!” at the big screen. I staggered out 20 minutes later, baffled by the film’s popularity but comforted in the knowledge that I would never, ever watch it again.

Oh, cruel fate! For this week, for our 150th episode, no less, my co-host and the Thénardier to my Jean Valjean, Harry decided to inflict a re-watch on me. Tune in to hear whether the years – and of course the aftershock of Cats – have warmed me up in any way, as we discuss bizarre sound cues, why Éponine deserved better than toxic prat Marius, Cosette’s bizarre non-role and much more, plus drinking games, listener submissions and, of course, our sequel pitches!

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Next week, we continue our run of Oscar-approved classics with one of the Gangland greats from one of 2020’s Best Director frontrunners. Until then, happy listening and remember – singing in public is really, really obnoxious…