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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World occupies a strange place in Edgar Wright’s directorial career. Sandwiched between Hot Fuzz and The World’s End – the second and third instalments of The Cornetto Trilogy, it was his first attempt at transitioning from mid-budget British fare to a major US-backed production. Excluding his aborted attempt to direct the Ant Man movie, it still stands as the most expensive movie he’s ever made; with a reported budget of around $90 million.

Despite warm reviews, the film failed to recoup that budget and wound up as a significant financial disappointment. Today it enjoys a cult following, but also sharply divides opinion compared to the widely beloved Cornetto movies. Part of this comes down to the movie’s aggressively hyperactive style – a nod to its graphic novel origins, but also possibly the sign of an ambitious director getting a little bit too excited to play with all of the toys. You’d never call Wright’s current hit Baby Driver restrained, but compared to Scott Pilgrim… it’s a lot more focused, nuanced and, frankly, less exhausting to watch.

Perhaps because the film is so heavily stylised or perhaps because – whisper it – the characters are quite two dimensional, we both ended up pitching a genre-twist remake this week as opposed to a direct sequel or prequel. Click any of the links above to hear what we came up with…

Harry’s Pitch | Scott Pilgrim vs. The West

John’s Pitch | Scott Pilgrim vs. Addiction

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