#126 |Girls Trip 2: Diva Las Vegas


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An outrageous comedy smash that exceeded all expectations at the box office in 2017, Girls Trip is probably best known as the film that gave Tiffany Haddish a long overdue mainstream breakthrough. Not only does she make a huge impression in the movie, her brilliantly delivered anecdotes about life on the comedy breadline and Groupon misadventures with the Pinkett-Smiths turned her into overnight chat show gold.

It’d be a mistake to assume that Haddish was the only draw of Girls Trip, though. Like countless comedy hits from Ghostbusters to Bridesmaids, the true appeal of the film lies in the chemistry of all four co-leads, and a brilliant script that leaps from one gut-busting comic set piece to the next with barely any time to catch your breath.

Regina Hall stars as Ryan Pierce, a lifestyle guru whose bestselling book You Can Have It All masks some serious problems in her picture-perfect personal life. She uses the invitation to guest at the Essence Festival in New Orleans to reunite ‘The Flossy Posse’, the ride-or-die college friends she hasn’t seen in several years. These include Queen Latifah as Sasha, a promising journalism student turn gossip blogger, Jada Pinkett-Smith as Lisa, a sexually frustrated single mother, and Haddish as Dina, a short-fused wildcard who plays fast and loose with her sexual health.

There is a plot, involving an unfaithful husband, estranged friendships and an incriminating photo, but really it’s all just a mild distraction from the joy of watching these four characters getting extremely drunk and engaging in some very R-rated comic misadventures. Imagine Bridesmaids dialled up to 11, and you might be somewhere in the ballpark – but the film is more than creative enough to stand up on its own merits without being compared to that film.

Tune into this week’s podcast to hear our thoughts on explosive zip-lining, dangerous drinking, the grape fruiting phenomenon and more, before pitching some somewhat redundant drinking games and our own ideas for where we’d like the inevitable sequel to take these characters next. Two words – road. trip.

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Next week, we’re going a little bit niche for a visually creative recent Oscar hopeful that wound up dead on arrival. Until then, happy listening and remember –  citrus and private parts definitely don’t mix!