#161 | Get Out… and Stay Out!

We’re three weeks into the global shutdown caused by Coronavirus, and naturally cabin fever is starting to kick in. So we thought we’d embrace the moment and dedicate our next few episodes to movies about the experience of being trapped. First up, Jordan Peele’s instant modern horror classic Get Out…

It’s hard to imagine now, but Get Out was by no means a surefire hit back in 2017. Director Jordan Peele was best known as a cult sketch comedy performer, there were no particularly bankable stars on the cast list and the budget was a mere $4.5 million. However, a combination of smart marketing and excellent word of mouth transformed the movie into one of the definitive sleeper hits of that year.

In this week’s podcast, we discuss our experience of watching the film for the first time, the many rewards embedded into the second viewing experience, the scene-stealing audience surrogate that is Lil Rey Howery as Rod from the TS mother fuckin’ A and more.

We also do our very best to avoid our own versions of the white cringe embodied by Bradley Whitford and family while imagining some of the sequel ideas that Jordan Peele has wisely resisted signing on for so far, pitch some drinking games to help ease the tension and check in with our listeners for their ideas.

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Next week, we’re continuing our theme season with a high tension bottle movie from the early 00s. Until then,