#93 | Arrival 2: Departure (feat. Dante Pineau)

Arrival | Amy Adams | Denis Villeneuve | Beyond The Box Set Podcast


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Way back in the Autumn of 2016, shortly before we embarked on this podcast, the two of us were in Amsterdam looking for an inexpensive way to kill a few hours on a dreary afternoon. We settled on a screening of Arrival, a promising new sci-fi from up and coming director Denis Villeneuve. Despite the fatal misjudgement of watching a film about linguistics with Dutch subtitles, we loved it.

Two years later, we’re finally revisiting Arrival for Beyond The Box Set, thanks to a recommendation from this week’s special guest Dante Pineau, of Play D&D  and Let’s Get Contextual. It’s a pleasure to revisit, with many aspects of the film’s time-bending narrative only hitting harder on the second viewing. Indeed, as time goes by Arrival seems destined to be regarded as a modern sci-fi classic, a reputation unlikely to be marred by any real-world sequel attempts.

For the purpose of this Podcast, however, there’s plenty to discuss – from the implications of humanity learning to witness their own timelines, to the perspectives of some of the film’s key supporting characters, to how the hell Amy Adams manages to afford that fabulous lakeside home on an educator’s salary…

Our sequel attempts this week include a look behind the scenes at one of the other alien landing sites, a revelation about what the mysterious Abbot and Costello aliens were truly doing on earth, and a genuinely tear-jerking tale of loss, obsession and fatherhood from this week’s guest. Warning: this one gets emotional.

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Next week, we’ll be kicking off our festive mini-season with a debatable Christmas classic from the mind of Tim Burton. Until then, happy listening, and never forget the true meaning of kangaroo…