BONUS: Post-Oscars Reaction

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Well, that was The Oscars. We dressed up, we made our predictions, and most importantly we managed to stay awake through the whole thing…

If you listened to our previous Oscar Rankings episode, you’ll know that – SPOILER ALERT – we were really rooting for a good night for Arrival, and hoping that La La Land wouldn’t completely sweep the boards.

In the event we got one of our wishes – sort of – as La La Land was allowed to briefly taste Best Picture victory before having it cruelly snatched away from them live on television. Justice!

Through the haze of a collective hangover and totally off-kilter body clocks (the show finishes around 6am on UK time), we recorded our immediate reactions to that and all of the other key events of the night, including a rundown of our feelings on the winners, nominees and speeches for each category.

Key discussion points in this episode include:

  • Has Jimmy Kimmel finally run the Matt Damon joke into the ground?
  • Why ‘real people’ and movie stars should never be forced to mix.
  • The best – and worst – musical performances of the night.
  • Does anybody actually know what Production Design is?
  • Why we kind of wanted Mel Gibson to win Best Director.
  • What we wish we could edit out of Best Film Editing winner Hacksaw Ridge
  • The categories in which Arrival was totally robbed (Spoiler – most of them)
  • The award that forced us to kick off the show with vodka shots
  • Our favourite non-celebrity acceptance speech moment

What did you think of last night’s show? Did Jimmy Kimmel work for you? Who were you happiest to see win, and which choices had you screaming bullshit at the screen? (Or is it just us who do that?)

Most importantly, are you #TeamLaLaLand, #TeamMoonlight or #TeamJusticeForArrival? Hell, even if you’re #TeamHacksawRidge, we’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave us a comment below or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

Next week we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming, pitching sequels to the gonzo sci-fi classic The Fifth Element so stay tuned for that, and join us next year when we’ll have a whole new batch of shameless awards bait to wade through. We wouldn’t have it any other way…