#157 | Skyscraper 2: Mile High Club

Subscribers to our Patreon channel may already be aware that of the many movies we’ve reviewed on our bonus podcast Beyond BTBS, there’s one that towers over all the rest – at least in one of our eyes. Forget the feeble 48% on Rotten Tomatoes or the middling B+ on Cinemascore, according to Harry Chappell, Skyscraper is an unimpeachable, 10/10 movie.

What are the qualifications for a perfect film experience? You’ll just have to tune in to find out, but suffice to say we very much get into it on this week’s podcast – from creative action movie uses for a prosthetic leg to the insane bad guy turnover, by way of some heavy-handed Duct Tape product endorsement and much more! We also weigh in with some Skyscraper drinking games, ask our listeners to share their thoughts and pitch some sequel ideas to turn this quirky Die Hard / The Towering Inferno hybrid into an action franchise for the ages!

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Next time, we’re welcoming another pair of guests for a deep dive into one of Scarlet Johansson’s least celebrated modern roles. Until next time, happy listening and remember – if you can’t fix it with Duct tape…