#75 | Drag Me To Hell II: Justin’s Long Con

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After a lucrative detour into blockbuster territory with the Spider-Man trilogy, director Sam Raimi returned to his comedy horror roots in 2009 with the instant cult classic Drag Me To Hell. Featuring vengeful gypsy curses, foul-mouthed goat demons and a *lot* of bodily fluids, the movie bears all the hallmarks of Raimi’s much-loved Evil Dead trilogy, with the benefit of a larger budget and some gleefully silly CGI work.

With Alison Lohman in the Bruce Campbell role of the hapless rube driven to increasingly extreme lengths to survive the horrors the movie gleefully piles on her, the film also works as a neat gender-flip of Raimi’s original trilogy. However, unlike Ash Williams, Christine Brown has so far remained a one-shot character, with no indication that a sequel to Drag Me To Hell might be in the works.

Of course the fact that – spoiler alert – Christine ultimately fails to escape from her fiery fate does put a fairly definitive cap on the Drag Me To Hell story, but that’s never stopped Raimi in the past. In fact what could be better than a movie that actually follows the character into the underworld – with all the grim visual flair that the director has been justly celebrated for? Alternatively, a sequel could catch up with Justin Long as the sceptical but supportive boyfriend who ends the movie watching in horror as Christine succumbs to the curse.

The options are there, in other words, but with every passing year the likelihood of the movie being revisited gets slimmer. And that’s kind of a shame. So this week we thought we’d pitch our own ideas for a Drag Me To Hell extended universe. Join us as we discuss the disproportionate pettiness of the old woman, the amazing resilience of Christine’s hair, Octavia Spencer’s baffling cameo and more…

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