#105 | Clue 2: Into The Hasbro-Verse (feat. The Contrarians)

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And so, with no small amount of relief, we end our ‘movies based on games’ mini-season with the film that – as far as we can tell – invented the genre. Conceived as a way to cash-in on the popular board game of the same name – or Cluedo if you’re British – Clue gathered together a cast of some of the finest comedy character actors of the mid-80s and set them to work in a ludicrous farce that somehow far transcended its gimmicky premise.

Contemporary critics were fairly miffed by the nonsensical plot and the multiple, entirely arbitrary endings, and the movie tanked at the box office. But the advent of VHS helped the movie to attain a cult following for whom the films perceived shortcomings were actually its greatest strengths. From Tim Curry’s manic scenery chewing as Wadsworth the Butler to Madeline Kahn’s iconic – and entirely ad-libbed – ‘flames’ speech, Clue is the kind of hidden gem that devotees can take pleasure quoting chapter and verse.

Inevitably, a 21st century reboot of Clue is already in production, with Ryan Reynolds attached to star. In a bid to get ahead of the curve, we invited friend of the show Julio Olivera from the Contrarians Podcast to help us to pitch some sequel ideas of our own.

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Next time, we’re wrapping up Oscar Season 2019 with a look back at one of our favourite recent Best Picture winners. Until then, happy listening and remember: never trust the butler, no matter how well he buttles…