#149 | Pixar’s Up… 2 The Stars

Between returning to work and the lingering hangovers of Hogmanay celebrations, the first days of January are nobody’s favourite time of year. Here at Beyond The Box Set, we’re no exceptions, so we’ve established a tradition of easing our way into each new Year with an easily digested Pixar animated classic. Having already covered WALL-E and Inside Out, this year we landed on the heartwarming OAP adventure story Up.

It’s a film we both know well, which is probably a good thing, as we were as fully prepared as possible for the famously heartbreaking opening scene, in which a young couple meet, fall in love, discover they can’t have children, grow old together and are finally cruelly separated by death. Classic children’s entertainment!

In this week’s podcast, we discuss how this iconic scene holds up in the all-time rankings of the most emotionally shattering Pixar moments – from Nemo losing his mother to Bing Bong’s tragic death in Inside Out to the relentless gut-punch that is the final third of Toy Story 3, it actually has a lot of competition.

Fortunately, there’s also lighter fare to discuss, such as the delightful comic creation that is Dug the Dog, the mysterious age-defying properties of Paradise Falls, Harry’s previously unmentioned passion for monkey bars and much more. All that plus our regular features such as drinking games, listener submissions and of course our entirely unlicensed sequel pitches…

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Next week, we’ll be pushing our year-four momentum to the limits with one of the most divisive musicals in modern history. (No, not that one.) Until then, happy listening and please, fly your homes responsibly…