We’ve updated our Patreon offering!

Like most podcasters, we rely on the generosity of our Patreon subscribers to help cover the costs of producing Beyond The Box Set, and with a new year dawning, we wanted to be sure that we were offering the best possible incentives to the lovely listeners who donate their cash to the show on a monthly basis.

With that in mind, we’ve taken a good look at our current Patreon offering and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added a few additional perks. In order to keep our show accessible, we operate a ‘pay what you feel’ non-tiered system, meaning you can access all of our incentives for as little as $2 per month.

Extended Episodes

From now on, wherever possible we will be releasing special extended episodes of Beyond The Box Set, exclusively for our Patreon subscribers. Featuring extended plot summaries, more drinking games, extra listener submissions and more, this is the best way to enjoy the full Beyond The Box Set experience.

Bonus Movie Review Show – Beyond BTBS

Unlike most movie podcasts, we don’t really talk about brand new releases very often on the main show. However, a weekly post-episode cinema trip has become an integral part of our recording routine, and for fans who want to hear our thoughts on everything from popcorn blockbusters to Oscar hopefuls, indie hits and box office bombs, we release a weekly bonus show exclusively on Patreon. Entitled Beyond BTBS, it’s a bite-sized 20-ish minute blast of our trademark commentary delivered straight to your RSS feed. We love doing it, hopefully you’ll enjoy it too…

Promote your podcast/website/product with a 30 second ad slot

If you’re a podcaster, a blogger or a business looking for a targeted platform to build your audience, why not run some promotional ads on our main show? Every Patron has the opportunity to run a regular 30 second promo once per month. Just record your ad, or send us some copy to read out, and we’ll put you in immediate rotation…

Choose a movie for us to cover on a future episode

Is there a movie you’re dying to hear us pitch sequels for that we haven’t gotten around to yet? Every month, we’ll ask one of our Patrons to choose a film for us to talk about. If they’re so inclined, we also invite them to join us for the episode – either via Skype or in person.

Join our Exclusive Facebook Fan Group

On top of all our other incentives, we also like to get to know our Patreon subs a little better, and give them opportunities to give feedback and help steer the direction of the show. That’s why we set up an exclusive Facebook group where we share behind the scenes tidbits, advance updates and general discussion topics. It’s the friendliest place on the internet, and we couldn’t be prouder of it…

For more information and to join our Patreon community check us out at Patreon.com/beyondtheboxset

Is there anything else you’d like to see us offer to our subscribers? Leave a suggestion in the comments below, we’d love to hear them!