Is Tom Hanks a great actor, or do people just like him? John and Harry attempt to decipher the appeal of Hollywood’s favourite every-ham as we pitch sequels to Robert Zemeckis’ Oscar-nominated classic Cast Away. From the rise of a Scientology-style religion built around the cult of Wilson, to the return of Seth Rogen, James Franco and Jonah Hill in a stoner survival comedy set on a deserted island, we’re taking Cast Away so far off course, not even a CGI whale and a weirdly unflattering photo of Helen Hunt could bring it home…

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00:00 Intro – A Volleyball with the voice of Tim Allen

17:15 Pitch One – Cast Away: Weed Island

29:50 Pitch Two – Cast Away 2: Wilsonism

45:00 Listener Submissions & Episode 21 Preview


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