You are tearing us apart, listeners! This week on Beyond The Box Set, we’re pitching sequels to a feature that’s more meme than movie – Tommy Wiseau’s baffling, brilliant The Room. Joined by super fan Sebastian Clark, we discuss the movie’s clear Shakespearean parallels, Lisa’s limitless capacity for evil, Denny’s major boundary issues and the character whose tragic arc brings John to tears mid-podcast.

As is the tradition, we also pitch our own sequel ideas for the film, including a Gosford Park-style period remake, a reincarnated Johnny’s quest for revenge and a surprise Westworld crossover revealing that – spoiler alert! – the cast and crew were actually robots the whole time. Which, let’s face it, would certainly explain the acting…

00:00 Intro – The most successful independent movie of all time?

13:45 Why Claudette is the true hero of this movie 

25:30 Pitch One – The Room With a View

37:00 Pitch Two – The Room 2: Flowers for Denny

48:20 Pitch Three – WestRoom

54:00 Our First Cliffhanger + Episode 19 Preview

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