New Website!

Pictured above: actual image of Harry hard at work.

Heyoo!! A rare post from Harry here, the one who does the behind the scenes work to all the behind the scenes work that John does!

So, “New website, why should I care?” I hear you ask. Well for the most part you won’t really, blogs are still here, episodes are still here, there’s a home page and an about page, nothing’s changed really.

Now, let me get to the exciting things first and the nerdy things later, so you can drop out of this poorly written blog when you get bored (have you gone already?):

Firstly, and by FAR the biggest thing: QUIZZES!!

So me and John host a pop culture quiz monthly at our favourite Leeds Pub: The Chemic Tavern. We’ve been doing it every month for almost 2 years now, and we’ve covered all sorts: Star Wars, Marvel, Disney (twice), Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things, Gavin and Stacey, Rick and Morty, Buffy, GOT, Drag Race, Friends, Harry Potter and more.

At the time of this post we have 20 quizzes, consisting of 50 questions each (including 2 picture rounds). That’s 1000 questions!! So grab a pen and paper, or get out your notes app, and get stuck in to your favourite topic.

Secondly, links!

We’ve made it much easier to do what you come here for… to leave!

Now, the home page, the header and the footer have all the links you need to find Beyond The Box Set on your favourite podcast player.

What’s that, you’re currently on the page for one of our episodes? Well luckily now all the links are right easy to find, all at the top! Just click to go to your favorite player, or listen to the episode right here with our player at the bottom of your screen.

Finally, a fresh new design.

Yeh not just links, but the whole site has actually been rebuilt from the ground up. Ok I know that only one bit of it actually looks different, and that’s the episodes page, the rest of it is just better from a web dev’s perspective (there are changes but you don’t care to read about them).

The episodes page might be the best thing I’ve ever designed… unless… someone says they don’t like it. Go on… burst my bubble… SEE IF I CARE!!

But yeh, episodes are now in a grid. You can change the zoom level if you need them to be a little bigger to read, or zoom all the way out to (obviously) make them really small. There’s no practical use for that, I just thought why not?

You actually don’t like the grid design? (I know you’re just lying to me to be mean, but for argument’s sake:) Never fear! There is a little toggle next to the zoom that changes the page design in a more classic format. So stop complaining to me and making me feel bad.

To finish…

Yeh, like anyone’s got this far into this boring post.

I’ve really enjoyed making this website. I’ve used it to teach myself plenty of new skills which are of course all on my CV now!! If you need a new website, whether it be for your podcast or your business, then please go and visit my portfolio at HC Digital, and then get in touch.