#40 | Shaun of The Walking Dead

What might an official sequel to Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s beloved rom-zom-com Shaun of the Dead actually look like? Horror super fan Ady Wheatley joins us to bounce some ideas around in this horrifyingly funny episode…

#38 | The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Was the world really crying out for an Allan Quatermain movie in 2003? Apparently not. This week, we revisit the disastrous ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ and try to figure out where it all went wrong…

#37 | The Witches 2: Mousetrap

In the final instalment of our Halloween mini-season, we brave long-buried childhood trauma to pitch sequels for Nicolas Roeg’s genuinely terrifying 1990 adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Witches.

#36 | Hocus Pocus 2: Fresh Out the Coven

In the second instalment of our special Halloween mini-season, we revisit Bette Midler’s scenery-chewing turn in the all-time seasonal classic Hocus Pocus, and imagine what that long-rumoured sequel might actually look like…

#35 | The Witches of Eastwick 2: Wizards of Wakefield

In the first part of our mini-series of classic Halloween-themed movies, we turn to one of the all time camp classics, George Miller’s delicious adaptation of John Updike’s The Witches of Eastwick. 

#34 | Sunshine: A Toy Story in Space

With a thoughtful, character-driven plot and stunning visuals, Danny Boyle’s Sunshine could be considered a precursor to modern sci-fi classic Arrival. If only it hadn’t turned into Nightmare on Elm Street in the final act…

#33 | The Mermaid 2: Pretty in Sink

Professional mermaid Lucy Meredith joins us to pitch sequel ideas – and drinking games – for Kung Fu Hustle director Stephen Chow’s insane, hyper-violent fairy tale ‘The Mermaid’.

#31 | Dom Hemingway 2: Fury Road

An unhinged central performance from Jude Law wasn’t enough to prevent Dom Hemingway from sinking at the box office. But we still think this underrated East End comedy deserves a sequel…

#30 | Me Before You 2: Hell on Wheels

Odd messages, an unlikeable lead and Emilia Clarke’s very distracting eyebrow work give us plenty to talk about in this week’s podcast, as we pitch sequels to controversial romance ‘Me Before You’…

#29 | Her 2: Single White Operating System

Bittersweet romance or chilling dystopian horror movie? Two very different interpretations of Spike Jonze’s 2013 hit ‘Her’ results in two very different sequel ideas in this week’s edition of Beyond The Box Set

#27 | Interstellar 2: Introspection

Super fan Joe Timothy joins the Beyond The Box Set crew to pitch sequels to Interstellar, the father-daughter space-time adventure epic that saw Christopher Nolan achieving Peak Spielberg…

#26 | Strictly Ballroom 2: Hell Toupee

It’s the movie that inspired a reality dancing craze, but strangely Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom never got a sequel. Let’s explore some options to finally reunite Fran, Tara and the rest of the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix Dancing Championship hopefuls…

# 25 | Knights of Lego Badassdom

This week on Beyond The Box Set, we’re pitch sequels to LARP-themed horror-comedy Knights of Badassdom, a film most of the cast would probably prefer to leave off their CVs. Verily, this movie sucked!

#24 | The Talented Mr Ripley 2: Tom Ripley’s Disco Years

Everybody should have one talent. Ours is coming up with questionable sequel ideas for classic movies. This week it’s the turn of Anthony Minghella’s fiendishly gripping 1999 psycho-sexual thriller The Talented Mr Ripley…

#23 | The Sixth Sense 2: Icy Dead People

We’re ready to tell you our secret now. The Sixth Sense holds up. In this week’s episode, we explore potential sequels to M Night. Shyamalan’s crowning moment, including a Hollywood afterlife for Haley Joel Osment and the inevitable Game of Thrones crossover…

#22 | Scott Pilgrim vs. Addiction

The awkward baby of Edgar Wright’s filmography, this week we’re pitching sequels to the hyperactive and highly divisive Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, including a journey to the Wild West and a bleak Trainspotting-inspired retelling…

#21 | District 9 2: Prawns and Recreation

Fans have been clamouring for a sequel to Neill Blomkamp’s breakout hit District 9 for years, but what would that movie look like? This week on Beyond The Box Set, John and Harry explore the possibilities…

#20 | Cast Away 2: Wilsonism

How do you follow two hours of Tom Hanks screaming at a volleyball? This week on Beyond The Box Set, we’re pitching sequels to the 2000 survival epic Cast Away and asking the question – is Tom Hanks really a great actor, or do we just like him too much to care?

#19 | The Truman Show 2: The UnReal World

Given that The Truman Show practically invented modern reality television, what would a sequel look like in a post-Kardashian world? In this week’s edition of Beyond The Box Set, Harry and John aim to find out…

#18 | The Room 2: Flowers for Denny

Beyond The Box Set delves into the bizarre world of Tommy Wiseau’s cult classic The Room, pitching fantasy sequels that include a Merchant Ivory remake and a Westworld crossover…

#17 | Gone Girl 2: Bitches Be Crazy!

Amy, may we sleep with danger? From a Lifetime movie remake to a riff on 50s camp classic The Bad Seed, David Fincher’s gripping thriller Gone Girl offers plenty of sequel potential for us to explore…

#16 | Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

For a beloved family classic, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is longer, darker and weirder than you probably remember. From the revenge of the child catcher to a bleak, Dickensian origin story, we brainstorm some appropriately messed up sequel ideas…

#15 | Sideways 2: The Hangover

Jack and Miles hit the road again with predictably chaotic results, as we pitch sequels to Alexander Payne’s bittersweet buddy comedy Sideways.

#14 | Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The central romance at the heart of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is so lovely we couldn’t bear to touch it. The inherently creepy premise and side characters on the other hand…

#13 | Swiss Army Man

Not many people saw this unexpectedly sweet gay necrophiliac love story, but we liked it so much we decided to come up with some sequel ideas.

#12 | Gravity 2: Down to Earth

Pitching a sequel to Alfonso Cuarón’s 2013 space epic Gravity proved tougher than we imagined. Fortunately, when in doubt, there’s always Dolly Parton…

#10 | Deja Vu: Deja Vu

This utterly ludicrous time travel action thriller wasn’t the most successful of Tony Scott and Denzel Washington’s collaborations, but it might just be the most entertaining.

#9 | Memento 2: Back to the Future

What would Leonard from Memento’s life look like in 2017? From duelling clones to the ultimate memory-loss movie crossover, we aim to find out as Beyond The Box Set explores sequel ideas for Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending cult classic.

#8 | Heathers: Damage Control

It’s the endlessly quotable 80s black comedy that made Winona Ryder an icon. But would a modern sequel to Michael Lehmann’s Heathers be very?

#6 | The Good, The Bad and the Fugly

Imagine Sergio Leone’s classic spaghetti western The Good, The Bad and the Ugly as a high school comedy. With grave robbing. Or a wildly inappropriate Zootopia crossover. Intrigued? You might be….

#5 | The Fifth Element: Odyssey of the Fifth

It’s one of the most insane sci-fi movies of all time, but what would a sequel to Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element look like if it were made today? From a fantasy western to a behind the scenes mockumentary, we hashed out some ideas…

BONUS: Post-Oscars Reaction

After a long but eventful Oscar night, we offer our instant reaction to the highs and lows of the evening, including our favourite speeches, *that* Best Picture moment and why Arrival was totally robbed.

BONUS: Ranking the 2017 Oscar Nominees

It’s Oscar Week, so we’re going shamelessly off-brand to bring you our definitive rankings of the nine Academy Award nominees for Best Picture.

#4 | Inception: Hormonal Awakening

The 2010 smash hit the whole world pretended they saw. We’re pitching sequel ideas for Christopher Nolan’s Inception and spoiler alert – it gets weird…

#2 | Gladiator! The Musical

An action classic with a surprising amount of screen time dedicated to incest and daddy issues. For our second episode, we brainstorm ideas for bringing Ridley Scott’s Gladiator back to the big screen. Warning: Podcast may contain Jazz Hands…

#1 | Titanic 2: A Stoner Comedy

A romantic blockbuster that kills off its leads at the end, James Cameron’s Titanic doesn’t leave much room for a sequel. But we do love a challenge…

#125 | Chronicle 2: Chronic Back Pain

What would you do if you developed psychic powers as a teenager? In the case of Chronicle, the answer is to play pranks, joyride and have very bad sex. It’s probably the most realistic superhero movie ever made.

#121 | Deep Impact 2: Deeper Underground

An apocalyptic blockbuster that puts character development ahead of CGI action sequences, Deep Impact is an unusually thoughtful disaster movie that – mostly – stands the test of time. But what might have happened after the meteor struck?