#12 | Gravity 2: Down to Earth

Pitching a sequel to Alfonso CuarĂ³n’s 2013 space epic Gravity proved tougher than we imagined. Fortunately, when in doubt, there’s always Dolly Parton…

#10 | Deja Vu: Deja Vu

This utterly ludicrous time travel action thriller wasn’t the most successful of Tony Scott and Denzel Washington’s collaborations, but it might just be the most entertaining.

#9 | Memento 2: Back to the Future

What would Leonard from Memento’s life look like in 2017? From duelling clones to the ultimate memory-loss movie crossover, we aim to find out as Beyond The Box Set explores sequel ideas for Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending cult classic.

#8 | Heathers: Damage Control

It’s the endlessly quotable 80s black comedy that made Winona Ryder an icon. But would a modern sequel to Michael Lehmann’s Heathers be very?

#6 | The Good, The Bad and the Fugly

Imagine Sergio Leone’s classic spaghetti western The Good, The Bad and the Ugly as a high school comedy. With grave robbing. Or a wildly inappropriate Zootopia crossover. Intrigued? You might be….

#5 | The Fifth Element: Odyssey of the Fifth

It’s one of the most insane sci-fi movies of all time, but what would a sequel to Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element look like if it were made today? From a fantasy western to a behind the scenes mockumentary, we hashed out some ideas…

BONUS: Post-Oscars Reaction

After a long but eventful Oscar night, we offer our instant reaction to the highs and lows of the evening, including our favourite speeches, *that* Best Picture moment and why Arrival was totally robbed.

BONUS: Ranking the 2017 Oscar Nominees

It’s Oscar Week, so we’re going shamelessly off-brand to bring you our definitive rankings of the nine Academy Award nominees for Best Picture.

#4 | Inception: Hormonal Awakening

The 2010 smash hit the whole world pretended they saw. We’re pitching sequel ideas for Christopher Nolan’s Inception and spoiler alert – it gets weird…

#2 | Gladiator! The Musical

An action classic with a surprising amount of screen time dedicated to incest and daddy issues. For our second episode, we brainstorm ideas for bringing Ridley Scott’s Gladiator back to the big screen. Warning: Podcast may contain Jazz Hands…

#1 | Titanic 2: A Stoner Comedy

A romantic blockbuster that kills off its leads at the end, James Cameron’s Titanic doesn’t leave much room for a sequel. But we do love a challenge…

#96 | Jack Frost 2: The Meltdown

Michael Keaton dies and reincarnates in the form of a wisecracking snowman in this notorious 1998 festive flop. But does Jack Frost deserve its reputation as one of the worst Christmas movies ever made?

#95 | Elf 2: How Buddy Saved Christmas

Will Ferrell has been refusing the call to make a sequel to his modern festive classic Elf for years – but what might it look like if he changed his mind? This week, Harry and John summon as much festive spirit as they can muster to explore some possibilities…