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#64 | Waterworld 2: The Shape of Waterworld

What exactly was Kevin Costner’s appeal in the 1990s? After watching the bloated and bizarrely joyless 90s disaster epic Waterworld, we’re at a loss. Join us as we attempt to salvage this notorious shipwreck of a movie with some timely sequel ideas…

#63 | Whip It II: Whip It Good!

This week our actors-turned-directors mini-season lands on Whip It, the behind-camera debut of the always delightful Drew Barrymore. Unsurprisingly, the movie turns out to be just as goofy and likeable as the woman who made it…

WIN | The Disaster Artist Prize Package

To celebrate the home release of The Disaster Artist, we’re giving away four fabulous prize packages including the movie on DVD or Blu Ray and a signed copy of the original book by Greg Sestero.

#62 | Matilda 2: No More Miss Nice Girl

Adapted by Danny DeVito from the classic Roald Dahl novel, Matilda might just be one of the greatest children’s movies of the 90s. But did you ever wonder what might have happened to the characters next? We did…

#61 | The Cable Guy 2: Unplugged

What’s the difference between a good Jim Carrey movie and a bad one? In the latest edition of our Actors-turned-Directors mini-season, we attempt to find out as we look back on the rubber-faced Canadian’s notorious 1996 bomb, The Cable Guy.